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RE: HD media player - consensus on the best?

Snap - I've done exactly the same over the weekend

R3610 and Live 9.11 - all seems to be working great.

Movie playback is great and 1080P seems to be streaming no problem, I do
also love the Apple trailers thing - me and the kids have a list of movies
we now want to see

Only thing I'm finding a little sluggish is the time it takes to queue up
and start playing a movie.

Ember MM is great too - doing both YAMJ for the Popcorn and XBMC at the
time saves an age !!

I think my C200 and XBMC can co-exist side by side for the moment as the
C200 is now my only DVD/BluRay player

Also just got an A-200 for my daughter which is like a A-100 on steroids :)
She seems pretty impressed - though an R3610 almost works out as cheap..

Looks like the unpdated GUI for the Popcorns is a little closer now...


-----Original Message-----
From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Paul Gale
Sent: 19 April 2010 08:45
To: 'ukha_d@xxxxxxx'
Subject: RE: [ukha_d] HD media player - consensus on the best?

Thanks to all the suggestions re a new media player, I bought an Acer Revo
3610 last week and installed XBMC Live on it - what a fantastic combination
- great menus, good movie and TV prog info (with Ember MM) and so FAST
compared to my old PCH. Got pretty much everything working with it situated
in Node0 with an HDFury 2 HDMI to Component converter. Just have to get
resume from sleep working via a remote (Harmony One) and it's all done.  :)


> -----Original Message-----
> From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx] On Behalf
> Of Ian Oliver
> Sent: 10 April 2010 20:48
> To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [ukha_d] HD media player - consensus on the best?
> In article
> <564D52CC2069D44EB996CDEAD94D911E98F1753478@xxxxxxx
> x
>>, Paul Gale wrote:
> > Did you try XBMC in it's current form before going to Myth? How
> > you rate Myth over it if so?
> XBMC is a better media player, mythtv is a better PVR. Some people run
> them side-by-side.
> I installed mythbuntu and then xbmc from the repos. Both work a treat,
> but mythtv is happy playing all of our media (2.5TB!) so we just use
> that.
> Ian Oliver
> Sunny Leeds, UK
> Using Java on Tini for control via Dallas 1-wire
> ------------------------------------
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