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Re: [OT] Virgin Media Cable BB install

On 18/04/2010 14:25, Tim wrote:
> Sorry for the OT post but I'm trying to assist a family member with
setup for cable BB - its remote and they are not very IT savvy.  It seems
that there is an IP conflict  between the new Netgear cable router and the
VM STB.  I don't know how these systems hang together - does the VM STB
have the gateway IP and the cable router points to this or does the cable
router act as the gateway./  The Netgear router has some smart setup
feature - would it be likely that this would get all the infor from teh STB
or would some manual stuff be require.
> TBH if someone could let me lknow the internal IP address of their STB
and router I could probably figure it out.  The annoying thing is I was
passing on Friday evening and was told it wasn't convenient for me to drop
by to fit it - now I'm stuck trying to sort it from 150 miles away.

The VM cable modems can get a bit finickity about the MAC address of
what's connected to them changing. You might find that if the new router
is left connected for 20 minutes or so, it'll all start working.

Alternatively, find the MAC address of whatever was connected to the
modem before, and get the netgear router to replicate that MAC address
(ie change the MAC address presented to the cable modem)...



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