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Re: [OT] Virgin Media Cable BB install

My VM modem has internal IP

On 18 April 2010 14:25, Tim <tim@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry for the OT post but I'm trying to assist a family member with
for cable BB - its remote and they are not very IT savvy. =A0It seems that=
there is an IP conflict =A0between the new Netgear cable router and the VM=
STB. =A0I don't know how these systems hang together - does the VM STB hav=
e the gateway IP and the cable router points to this or does the cable
er act as the gateway./ =A0The Netgear router has some smart setup feature
- would it be likely that this would get all the infor from teh STB or
d some manual stuff be require.
> TBH if someone could let me lknow the internal IP address of their STB
d router I could probably figure it out. =A0The annoying thing is I was
sing on Friday evening and was told it wasn't convenient for me to drop by
to fit it - now I'm stuck trying to sort it from 150 miles away.
> Brilliant!
> Tim.
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