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Re: [ukha_d] Joggler - scope for HA use ?

On Wed, 7 Apr 2010 21:55:05 +0100, Rob Iles <rob.iles@xxxxxxx>
> Interesting. Last time I spoke to a Joggler Developer (I'm not sure if
> was "official", or a programmer who happened to have done
> for it), everything was "Flash" based (ruling out my
> If it is possible to get Windows running on it, I'd be a very happy
> Who's gonna be first to buy one and test it ;-)

Mine arrived an hour ago. First impression - very good. Bigger than I was
expecting and has a nice solid well built feel, it doesn't move around on
the desk when you use the touch screen. Downside for me is the power
connector is on the back, and the desk stand is not easily removable so it
will need some modification for wall mounting. The installed software has
no browser so is completely useless to me, I will install Ubuntu tonight.
Just about to order 2 more.


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