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RE: HD media player - consensus on the best?


Have you tried Boxee instead of XBMC? Any thoughts?

I guess Plex is the other alternative - but a latest mac mini is just too
expensive :(


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> Of Ian Oliver
> Sent: 06 April 2010 07:43
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> Subject: Re: [ukha_d] HD media player - consensus on the best?
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>>, Paul
> Gale wrote:
> > I guess this is impossible as everyone has their own thoughts and
> experiences on this and there
> are a LOT out there - but, is there a consensus on which hardware
> players would be at the top
> of the list for quality, features and most of all UI usability?
> Acer Revo R3600, Linux, and XBMC.
> Ian Oliver
> Sunny Leeds, UK
> Using Java on Tini for control via Dallas 1-wire
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