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Recommendations for a EVA8000 Media player replacement

  • Subject: Recommendations for a EVA8000 Media player replacement
  • From: "Neil Wrightson" <neilw@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 09:50:05 +1100

Hi All,

I have a Netgear EVA8000 that is probably the biggest dud I have ever
Seriously the only good thing about it is that the 19" box looks good
the rest of the system.

My system as it stands is
- WHS with Movies, MP3 etc in a separate building but 100BaseT to the
entertainment area
- Sony entertainment system
- 46" LCD fed via HDMI from receiver - No Ethernet on TV (Bugger)
- Sony Receiver (4*HDMI Inputs) EVA currently uses one of these
- Sony PVR
- Sony PS3
- Logitech Harmony One remote
- Netgear EVA8000

I did try to use the EVA8000 as a TV recorder with a standard PAL based TV
capture card. This did not work well.
I could not find a HD digital TV capture card. Anyway, now all of this is
replaced by the above PVR.

I like the idea of the RSS, YouTube, playing stored movies & MP3's etc
the EVA8000 would just continually stop mid movie etc.
So I need to do the above via a Ethernet connection as well as via a
connected USB drive.
And also prefer something slim. preferably 19" as well.

What recommendations?


Neil Wrightson.
ABN 76 768 513 867
Embedded Controllers and Home Automation Products
Skype : Neil_Wrightson
Web     :

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