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Thanks Dave,

Were the other postings from Peter's account or another user?

-----Original Message-----
From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Dave
Sent: 02 April 2010 04:10
To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [ukha_d]

Someone's been hacked. I have seen this very same posting on a number of
Yahoo groups today!!

I have changed the name of the EXE on the end by the way!

From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Peter Chick
Sent: 02 April 2010 06:50
To: system.messages@xxxxxxx; teststd@xxxxxxx;
tomballcharity@xxxxxxx; tp@xxxxxxx; tullio.pastore@xxxxxxx;
ukha_d@xxxxxxx; vbadrick@xxxxxxx
Subject: [ukha_d]

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