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RE: [OT] DVD ripping using multiplke firewire drives ?

  • Subject: RE: [OT] DVD ripping using multiplke firewire drives ?
  • From: "Phil Harris" <phil@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 19:29:51 -0000

> Morning - I had a look at the powerfile but I don't think you can
> DVD's on it for ripping out of the box. Powerfile do seel a SDK but
> $$$.
> I know Kaleidescape use them to batch import movies though via a
> PC
> so it must be possible somehow. If you could get around that it would
> perfect - even better if a few people could club together to get a
> 'solution' together.
> Chris

Apparently there are drivers for the PowerFile under Linux - hence why I
said about using it under Linux. The SDK for Windows is (IIRC) about =A33k
(the guy that writes the MCE "MyMovies" plugin was looking at
using it but
the cost of the SDK put him off).


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