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RE: [OT] DVD ripping using multiplke firewire drives ?

  • Subject: RE: [OT] DVD ripping using multiplke firewire drives ?
  • From: "Hawes,Timothy Edward \(GEG\)" <haweste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 22:33:19 -0000

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Phil Harris
> > Are you sure it only takes you 15 mins?
> Unless you are recompressing your DVDs then 15 minutes isn't
> too far out - with a decent DVD drive and an Athlon XP 2400 I
> would get through about three discs an hour (ripping to a
> local drive).

Ah, ok, thanks.

> - what I tended to do was have a PC tucked away beside the
> sofa as well as the HTPC-to-be and my laptop (which is a
> shedload slower at ripping) and just swap discs in and out
> whilst sitting down with the missis - that way you can get
> through 20 discs in just a couple of hours and - if you stick
> with it - it doesn't take long to get through a goodly sized
> collection

Multiple machines seemed a better idea versus lots of drives attached to
one box, but maybe it isn't an issue after all.

> (believe me - I know - I've ripped my collection
> of about 400 movies three times now - once when I was using
> Windows as a server, once again when Windows fubar'd the data
> on the drives and so I moved to Linux and then the last time
> was when Linux began to fubar the data and I jumped ship to the Mac).

Yes, I thought you'd done it more than once.....

> One thing that I wondered about was using one of these:

Looks good. Would you use it as a ripping machine or just to serve up
the original disks? Didn't you have a DVD changer once?

> as I believe there is support for them under Linux. Perhaps
> if you are of the sandal-wearing persuasion you could get one
> of those doing the biz?
> (They can be used under Windows or MacOS but the
> manufacturers charge a bloody fortune for the software for
> Windows of Mac!) Phil



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