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Re: [OT] DVD ripping using multiplke firewire drives ?

On 05/01/06, Hawes,Timothy Edward (GEG) <haweste@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks for clarifying Simon.

No probs

> I had hoped to start ripping DVDs over the holidays but ran out of
> It's an interesting comment re: EAC & LAME. I've found that the
> part doesn't take too long per track - maybe 30seconds at most while
> reading of the track from the CD seems to take ages. I don't think I
> have an "EAC-recommended" drive though, and all my ripping
has been done
> on a 1.6Ghz P4-M laptop.

That actually sounds like a reasonable time to me...

> I suppose it's fair to say that the audio quality ripped from the DVD
> with DVD Decrypter is lower than that from EAC/LAME ??
> Whether you notice, of course, is another question.

No. The reason you need EAC for audio CD reading is because audio cds
have a certain level of error tolerance. This means the CD player in
your house, or your car can read disks with minor errors (scratches
etc) - they basically tolerate the errors, and produce a *slightly*
errored sound. This is one of the reasons audiophiles spend money on a
good CD player. Its all to do with the Red Book audio CD format

Audio on a DVD is stored as data along with the video in the VOBs, and
therefore extraction is digital, same as any data DVD.

Data on CD is stored in Yellow Book format, which has better error
protection - did you ever notice when you burn a Data CD / DVD you get
the option to verify data on disk after burning, but you don't get
that option on an audio CD?



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