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Re: [OT] DVD ripping using multiplke firewire drives ?

On 05/01/06, Hawes,Timothy Edward (GEG) <haweste@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Are you sure it only takes you 15 mins?
> It takes me nearly 30mins per audio CD via EAC & LAME.

Ripping DVDs and CDs is very different. DVDs are a lot easer, you use
EAC on CDs to ensure you get good data from the disk, it reads
multiple times, and lame takes CPU time to encode the mp3.

DVD on the other hand is more-or-less a straight data copy from the
disk, error correction etc largely handled by the hardware.

My PIII 800 machine in the kitchen takes about 11 minutes to rip a DVD
to my NAS over a 100m ethernet connection


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