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RE: OT : XDA Exec deal ? - Supplementary

  • Subject: RE: OT : XDA Exec deal ? - Supplementary
  • From: "John Nye" <john@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 00:08:23 -0000

Just back from an O2 shop with a nice new exec -:)

But be warned you might be in for a bit of a battle as its costing O2 a
lot of money to let them go at the =A399 price. I ended up having a fairly
heated argument with the manager (the other customers in the shop
thought it was great fun)- but I won in the end.

By the time I'd left the shop all copies of their january brochure had
been removed by the manager - as if that would stop determined die hard
bargain seekers -:)

I'm well pleased - Thanks Gareth for the original posting.


-----Original Message-----
From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx] On Behalf
Of Ho yin Ng
Sent: 03 January 2006 20:42
To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [ukha_d] OT : XDA Exec deal ? - Supplementary

=A399 seems like a brilliant deal.

The thing I am struggling with is what is the difference between the O2
Exec and the Orange SPV5000? Is it just the colour?

In addition I have read reviews that the units have problems jumping
from 3G
to GPRS when there is a low signal. Is this something that can be
when they release a firmware upgrade? Or will it be a unit hardware
that will be required?

The unlimited deal on O2 is =A375 .. whereas Orange can do it for =A345 per
month. Both prices plus vat of course.

Ho yin

-----Original Message-----
From: ukha_d@xxxxxxx [mailto:ukha_d@xxxxxxx] On Behalf
Kim Wall
Sent: 03 January 2006 20:13
To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [ukha_d] OT : XDA Exec deal ? - Supplementary

Simon Ryley wrote:

> Can anyone who has an XDA exec tell me if it can be used during a=20
> flight? As its a phone as well, does it have to remain switched off or

> is there a "use the pda but not the phone mode"? It looks
ace, and a=20
> nice price too but it won't be much use if I cant use it when

Yes, it has a "flight mode" where all the radios are turned off.

There's a pretty informative review here:=20

FWIW, I successfully bought an XDA exec at 99.99 on a data tariff=20
(Data36) from an O2 shop yesterday.  I'm currently battling with O2 to=20
get the SIM enabled for voice calls (it's only doing SMS and data ATM) -

O2(arses)[1] claim that O2(elbows)[2] have to make the change, for some=20
complicated and contrived sounding reason.  O2(elbows) claim that the=20
price list[3] that says voice calls on data tariffs are 25p/min is from=20
O2 Online who are a totally different company[4], and that the only way=20
to get voice capability is to add a 16GBP/month voice tariff to the=20
contract.  Customer services have promised that I can have voice=20
capability on Data36, but that it has to be enabled by someone in a=20
shop, and have promised to send me something in writing to wave at them,

as they currently don't believe me.  We'll see what happens.

Oh, if anyone wants a copy of p33 from the O2 guide (blue thing with=20
"SALE" on the front) I can scan it...

Kim - pretty sure you wouldn't get this mess on Orange.

[1] Customer support.

[2] The shop.


[4] In spite of there being no apparent way to order a phone on a=20
data-only tariff from the website.


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