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Re: OT : XDA Exec deal ? - Supplementary

The phone part is always on unless you tap the sig-strength icon ans
"Turn on filight mode".  When the PDA is "OFF" it seems
to be in
standby  and the green LD on the right hand side continues to flash.
It is like the off switch on the side controls the PDA only if you see
what I mean.


On 1/3/06, Simon Ryley <simon.ryley@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks Mark.
> Do you mean the signal strength meter on the screen?   From that, do
> have to power it up in phone mode before you switch to flight mode?
> Might make you a tad unpopular mid atlantic if you switch it on and
> over-zealous passenger next to you thinks you are turning on a mobile
> and makes a fuss.
> Simon

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