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Re: [OT] Freeview PVRs

Andy Laurence wrote:

> Phil Harris <mailto:phil@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > What's the current flavour of the month in the line of freeview
> The only software I found that was as good as Tivo was MythTV.  Sadly,
> never managed to get it working.

If I can get it working it can't be that difficult! :)

I used the KnoppMyth installation disk  (it uses the the Debian based
Knoppix distro with MythTV already integrated into it), so 99% of the
hard work is done for you!

So I've got a triple tuner Freeview recorder, 14 day EPG courtesy of the
BBC/Radio Times, that also plays all those downloaded .avi files, plays
DVD's, plays music, shows photos, RSS reads, plays Mame, even let's me
watch TV upstairs on the main PC over the lan,  all accessible from the
'net like Tivoweb... it's kinda like MS MCE, but doesn't need rebooting
everyday...  ;)

Other neat tricks include - automatically cutting out commercials (still
a little iffy but works very nicely on some channels), time compression
- play recordings 10%-40% faster but with corrected audio (so no
chipmunks)  it blasts though the recordings, auto transcode to DIVX/XVID
for space saving/archiving, I'm just adding NVRAM wake up, so the PC
switches itself off between recordings -should save on the elecy bill !


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