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RE: KAT5 Scart and IR Distribution

  • Subject: RE: KAT5 Scart and IR Distribution
  • From: "Keith Doxey" <ukha@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 21:17:57 -0000

Hi Stuart

> Subject: [ukha_d] KAT5 Scart and IR Distribution
> 2 questions for the price of 1 here - probably directed to Keith and
> Frank.
> 1)  My old setup was sky+ to KAT5 TX via SCART then KAT5 RX to TV.
> In this config, SKY+ would "seize" control of the TV
whenever it was
> switched on, without the need for me to press AV.  IF I removed the
> Sky+ scart, TV would revet back to DVB.  Ive now put an AV switch in
> line that uses S-Video.  So (no surprises), I have to now press AV to
> access the switcher everytime the TV is switched on.  This is not
> having a very high WAF at the moment, so need some sort of
> resoulution.  I understand WHY this is happening, but not how to fix
> it.  Is there anything that can be done to the RX for example to make
> it think there is a Scart "seize" signal on its other end??

Two ways of doing this.

1. Program a universal remote control for a "Sony Laserdisk
Player" and than
you can manually force the KAT5 output as follows

0 = Off
1 = Full Screen 4:3 (+12V)
2 = Wide Screen 16:9 (+5V)
3 = Follow Pin at KAT5 transmitter (Default after power up)

2. Use the Pin8 signals from the source equipment. Take each Pin 8 from the
sources and connect them via diodes to Pin8 of the KAT5 TX SCART


Device        Diode           KAT5

Sat Pin 8------>-----
DVD Pin 8------>---------- KAT5 TX Pin8
??? Pin 8------>-----

The drawback with method 2 is that any of the devices will force the TV to
switch if its Pin8 is active. Any device signalling Fullscreen will
any device that is signalling Widescreen.

> 2)  Continuing with the above config, I have an rf2link
> (
connected between the KAT 5
> and Sky+.  With the addition of the switched, I would now like to add
> 2 IR emmiters for the DVD and switcher.  Im not interested in zoning
> or anything like that, just to have the IR out of the KAT5 TX have 3
> outputs.  What would I need to accomplish this, as I think a complete
> FiRM setup would be an overkill.  Frank, would just a splitter do the
> job??

You could try a simple resistive splitter. Take the output from KAT5 and
feed each emitter and the RF2link via individual resistors. Try 270R as a
starting point and increase or decrease as required. I wouldnt drop below
100R though.

If you need any more info give me a call. You have the number :)



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