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RE: Re: Networked NAS Drives for Serving DVDs?

  • Subject: RE: Re: Networked NAS Drives for Serving DVDs?
  • From: "Phil Harris" <phil@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 16:18:12 -0000

> > I use a Mac Mini with around 3Tb of drives attached by
> Is this very noisy please?
> My node zero is about as loud as i want it to get
> the auto power down on the NAS drives was something i particularly
> wanted
> Thanks
> Tony

The Mac Mini itself is virtually silent, the noisiest bit of the external
cases is one of the 160Gb drives with a knackered bearing (it's been
"whizzing" for years now). The Mac can power down the drives when
not in use but I keep 'em spun up all the time. The cases themselves are
pretty quiet - just a couple of 80mm fans at the top and an "AT"
style PSU
in the bottom (so if you really wanted then you could use quieter fans but
don't find them intrusive).


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