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Re: Networked NAS Drives for Serving DVDs?

  • Subject: Re: Networked NAS Drives for Serving DVDs?
  • From: "tonytofts" <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 16:05:45 -0000

> As a cross platform file server, FAT32 format is compatible with
all major
> operating systems (Windows/Mac OS/Linux). The only drawback of a
> format is the single file size limitation of 4 gigabytes.
> Pretty much all DVD ISO images will be more than 4Gb...

Aaaahh, that's a problem then. I guess i could look at non-iso

> Which is a shame, as
> that's one damn fine looking NAS device otherwise.

Yep, that's what i thought!

As i'll only be serving up to stereo (non-surround) outputs with
this (i'll use the actual dvd's for my projector) maybe i can find
some software that will rip in some format i can playback - but down
size the audio and strip other languages etc?


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