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RE: Newbie with lots of basic questions!!

  • Subject: RE: Newbie with lots of basic questions!!
  • From: "Nigel Giddings" <nigel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 10:47:09 -0000


Welcome to UKHA...

You seem to have decided to go the MAC/iPOD route, was this after much
research or because tou like MACs/iPODs ?

A number of people have bought the Sonos, design looks are similar to
iPOD but it is wireless (no cables...)

I am not a MAC person so I am thinking of going the xlobby route, a bit
more geeky, but hopefully more flexible in the end...

Both of these have 'Zones' and the ability to remotely control volume...

Watching TV around the house from centrally located sources can be done
using CAT5e cable. There are a number of devices available which provide
remote switching and one of the UKHA regulars, Keith, will be launching
his own switching unit soon (allegedly!!!). see

The CCTV can be treated / routed the same as the satellite TV to give
full flexibility...

I would suggest you get some more detailed advice before you go too much
further, at the build stage is where you need to incorporate this stuff.
Retro-fitting after the event will be difficult/expensive/a pain in the

Your electrician sound enthusiastic but you need an overall design to
work with.


A fellow self-builder

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From: abbott.sarah@xxxxxxx [mailto:abbott.sarah@xxxxxxx]
Sent: 31 December 2005 12:24
To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
Subject: [ukha_d] Newbie with lots of basic questions!!

Hi There

Just joined to see if anyone can help someone without technical
knowledge!!  My electrician is just looking at our wiring
requirements for a new concrete built house.  I have the following
requirements and would hope to incorporate my brand new iMac and 3
iPods into the equation!

Set up playlists at the main Mac Centre (easy!) and now what I find
How do I select which rooms I can play these in (don't want to wake
the baby as an eg!)
How can I change volume remotely?

Watch different Sat TV in different rooms?
Set up for surround sound in sitting room!

Watch and record CCTV from the garden, entrance and gates, baby's

My electrician is happy to do the work (why not - he'll make a
fortune!!) but he loses me after the first 2 questions!!

Your thoughts would be very useful including suggestions on equipment

If you can describe in easy English that a thick female could
understand - all the better - much appreciated!!

Thanks a Million


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