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Re: Anyone use "My Movies" for XP MCE 2005

  • Subject: Re: Anyone use "My Movies" for XP MCE 2005
  • From: "Keith Finnett" <keith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 23:00:56 -0000

eek!! i'd best go buy some disks then....

what are the disks housed in? i assume you're running them in some
kind of array? i'm thinking this is getting quite expensive quite
quickly....what i really need is to convince one of my clients to
lend me an IBM Shark.....


--- In ukha_d@xxxxxxx, "Phil Harris" <phil@a...> wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Keith Finnett [mailto:keith@f...]
> > Sent: 07 February 2005 22:13
> > To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
> > Subject: [ukha_d] Re: Anyone use "My Movies" for XP MCE
> >
> > well i've got over 200 DVDs, so at 5GB each that's 1TB of
> > storage - call me old fashioned, but i'd rather reduce what
> > i'm storing to cut down on drives!! however, if this becomes
> > an issue of quality (if it's not possible to remove the
> > frills), then 1TB of storage it is!!
> >
> > just wondered what others do.....
> >
> > k
> I pull out the main movie feature and all of the English language
> tracks leaving out extras and menus (on movies) - on music DVD's
and "Phils
> Porn" (i.e. Motoring DVDs) I just rip everything intact complete
with menus.
> Over the 350(ish) movies in my collection this comes out at an
average of
> 4.5Gb per movie (if I rip the discs complete it averages 6.5Gb per
> I'm running just shy of 3Tb of storage (16 x 160Gb + 2 x 250Gb)
and am
> getting desperately short of space ... I need to get a couple of
300Gb or
> 400Gb drives (400Gb drives would be best but bloody hell are they
a premium
> price!) so I can move the "My Documents", "My
Pictures" and "My
Music" off 3
> of the 160Gb drives in the main array and free up some space.
> Phil

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