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RE: Comfort Keypads

Hi Mark,

You might be better off asking this on the Comfort technical group as well.

I currently have 5 keypads and a door phone - in the entrance hall,
landing, utility door, garage, workshop. Door phone is obviously at front

I'd say they are pretty useful to have anywhere where you want to
arm/disarm but also for the more advanced things like opening electronic
locks etc. I have an Abloy electronic lock on one door (very expensive but
incredibly well made and very secure with manual high security key). I can
sign in to Comfort and then operate the lock.

You don't necessarily need that may keypads though depending on what else
you're doing HA wise. For instance, I also have a Visonic powercode
receiver and a number of 4 button keyfobs. I program Comfort and HomeVision
so that one button each unlocks the door, locks the door, opens the garage
door and turns on/off a number of lights. All these actions also have
secondary actions e.g. unlocking the door turns on several relevant lights
(if it's dark), some of which are on a timer then turn off after a few
mins. Unlocking the door also disarms Comfort if armed. The keyfob is meant
to be very secure with a rolling code system. If you put in any other type
of button or interface, you just need to be wary about how secure it is.

I found the keypad on the landing to be the most used initially - but now I
can also see the arm status on the TV via HomeVision and arm/disarm in bed
if I've forgotten to arm it!

It starts to get pretty clever and once the hardware is in place, you can
do pretty much anything :)


-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Kaye [mailto:mark.kaye@xxxxxxx]
Sent: 03 February 2005 21:10
Subject: [ukha_d] Comfort Keypads

Apologies for bombarding the group with questions...

How many Comfort keypads should I have?  How useful are they to have
nearby?  At the moment I have specced one for just inside the main house
door, the kitchen external door, the upstairs hallway, the master and
second bedrooms (in two different wings of the house) and in the garage.
Do I need this many?

Secondly, do we know how much is the new LCD keypad going to be yet?

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