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RE: (OT) MacMini ISP-in-a- Box

  • Subject: RE: (OT) MacMini ISP-in-a- Box
  • From: "aashram" <groups@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 06:41:47 -0000

I went to regent street yesterday and checked out the shuffle too. It is
tiny! Will get one as I am after a usb pen drive so might as well get a
shuffle. My mac mini should arrive any day now - I can off load a lot
of what I doing on my powerbook. Life 05 by the way is the business.
I will updating the RAM to 1gb myself.

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From: Don McAllister [mailto:donmc@xxxxxxx]
Sent: 04 February 2005 04:59
To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [ukha_d] (OT) MacMini ISP-in-a- Box

I'm over in Houston USA at the minute with an Apple store right next to
hotel. Went in to buy a mini and no stock :-(

Can't even say when they're going to get some in.

Seriously disappointed.

Had a chance to play with one though and I'm definitely getting one when
get back to blighty. Nice machine - very responsive and OS X appears the


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> From: Mark McCall [mailto:lists@xxxxxxx]
> Sent: 03 February 2005 17:14
> To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
> Subject: RE: [ukha_d] (OT) MacMini ISP-in-a- Box
> Anyone got a mini yet?
> M.
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