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AV Switcher

  • Subject: AV Switcher
  • From: "Brian Milton" <bmilton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 17:19:53 -0000


I was wondering if the new JVC JX-S777 will give you the option to switch
all the different inputs to multiple outputs.  i.e. watch different inputs
on all 5 different outputs.  Also is there anything like this in the CAT5
end of things?  I know there is a roomer of a KAT5 switch but we'll all be
waiting and have been waiting a long time for that.  Let's not give up

I'm nearly finished my house so will have to get a A/V switcher of some
or SWMBO will be moving in with no TV etc while I'm off skiing! Won't go
down to good :-(

Any suggestions would be appreciated


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