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Re: [OT] PocketDivXEncoder

Yes I used to use it as well .. it is excellent!!

Now I have a P910i and use smartmovie.

Same thing not quite as good cannot handle some formats like=20
PocketDivxEncoder but still pretty good ..

Now I can watch movies on my Phone .. works for smartphones as well.

Ho yin

t 16:22 02/02/2005, you wrote:

>Just thought I'd let the group know of this recent find - an excellent
>little free app to re-encode video for the PocketPC...
>As an example a 353meg XviD of a 42minute "MythBusters"
episode comes out =
>89meg in PDA formant (320x240) and looks great.
>I've recently got a 1Gig SD card for the XDA (around =A350 from Aria).
>kids now watch Simpsons episodes on my phone in the car :)

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