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Planning nightmare...

I am having nightmares about planning the re-wiring of my place
(recently completed on) for HA/Data.  Basically, I have a good idea of
the end 'effect' I would like to achieve (i.e. a functional
specification).  Designing the solution, however, is proving to be very
difficult.  Add to this the time constraints of having completed on the
property although currently renting, needing to get the wiring done
without the fuss before we move and a wife that wants to move ASAP and
you can see the source of my anxiety :)

Can anyone recommend a company in the North West/North Wales that can
help with the design aspects of my home automation system.  I realise
that a lot of the fun is in the doing, but with the above pressures I
just am not going to be able to give enough time to the task.  I have
Ben Addison coming over next week, but I fear that I won't have enough
information for him to accurately quote for the extensive retrofit
wiring that will be needed :o.

Help! :)


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