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Re: Planning nightmare...

> I am prepared to pay the money for the right job...  However, I still
> have to design it ;)  So, any ideas on who can help with the design? 
> want Comfort, C-Bus and plenty of CAT6 :)

I think someone else on the list brought up CAT6 recently, and I'd echo the
comments about it, CAT5e is more than capable for the home environment, and
CAT6 will give you much more headaches with it's Bend Radius issues etc..,
also it'll only be True CAT6 if you put CAT6 panels and CAT6 faceplates on
each end. Then there is issues with compliance, Component Compliance etc..,
Just not worth the cost/hassle IMHO

I think you should stick to CAT5e :)

Anyway, Good luck with the spec/design.


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