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RE: GPS opinions - Tom Tom vs the Navman iCN510

  • Subject: RE: GPS opinions - Tom Tom vs the Navman iCN510
  • From: "Ward, David" <DAvid.Ward@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 15:21:27 -0000

The Palm version, and the new TomTom Navigator 2004 PPC are identical in
function and interface to the  the TomTom GO

I have the Palm version and save for a very occasional BT GPS connection
hiccup it works very well.

If it were me I'd plump for the Go -  I like the simplicity of the UI and
although it doesn't have advanced features, software updates to the engine
have so far been free...

It seems to always get rave reviews, and you could always ebay it
and because they are so well known I don't think you'd loose much on it

[ There is a current project that have got Linux running on it so it's a no
brainer geek buy ;-) ]  have reviews and help, along with user forums for all
the major GPS systems and a few of the minor ones too

HTH Dave

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From: Paul Gale [mailto:groups@xxxxxxx]
Sent: 01 February 2005 14:40
To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [ukha_d] GPS opinions - Tom Tom vs the Navman iCN510

I've used both a fair bit - the GO is quite different to the
iPaq version and has none of the hardware or performace issues
my old iPaq/Tomtom had.


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From: Mark Kaye [mailto:mark.kaye@xxxxxxx]
Sent: 01 February 2005 13:28
To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [ukha_d] GPS opinions - Tom Tom vs the Navman iCN510

Paul Gale wrote:
> Don't know the Navman but Feb 2005 PCW mag did a
mini-roundup. The Navman ICN510 v3 lost out to the TomTom which
got the recommended award.
> I'd certainly recommend the TomTom whole heartedly - an
excellent bit of kit :)
> Paul.

My wife uses TomTom on her iPaq infrequently and often suffers problems
with pairing with the Bluetooth GPS receiver.  Might be user error
though :)  Other than that she likes it.  I don't think it's as good as
a factory fit sat nav solution, but then it would be unfair to
expect it
to be.

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