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Re: Planning nightmare...

Shmern wrote:
> I think someone else on the list brought up CAT6 recently, and I'd
echo the
> comments about it, CAT5e is more than capable for the home
environment, and
> CAT6 will give you much more headaches with it's Bend Radius issues
> also it'll only be True CAT6 if you put CAT6 panels and CAT6
faceplates on
> each end. Then there is issues with compliance, Component Compliance
> Just not worth the cost/hassle IMHO
> I think you should stick to CAT5e :)
> Anyway, Good luck with the spec/design.

Thanks for the advice!  CAT5e will certainly be a lot cheaper given the
prices I've been seeing for CAT6 reels.  To give you an idea of the
scale of the install I am soon to start the building of a garage which
is 20m away from the house.  When the ditch is laid to get power from
the house to the garage I have asked the builder to put in 6" conduit.
As far as possible I want all IP services to sit in the garage, I will
then trunk up 4 Gigabit ports on switches either end of the run between
the house and garage and run fiber (via gbic transciever modules)
between.  I am intending to shunt raw DV and DVD data around so need the
network to be up to scratch.  I also want it to cope with more than a
single node either end shoving data about.

This, and the futureproofing that CAT6 will give were the reasons I
wanted to go with CAT6.  Perhaps that decision was rash.  Out of
interest, does anyone know what the acceptable bend radii are for a
fiber patch lead? :)

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