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Re: MP3 downloading sites...

Hmmm, that's all very well. But speaking as a 'simpleton' I very much
doubt that Sony are happy being paid their cut of the 3p per track that
this site is charging... :) That's IF they are actually getting paid at

Esp. as Apple reportedly paid 'most' of the money from iTunes sales to
the record industry, at far more than 3p per track...

>A bit of a google turns up stuff like this...
>And stuff like...
>"Maybe you guys should actually know what you are talking about,
before you
>start speaking out of your arses. I've been using their site for over 8
>months now, and it works great. I've given my credit card number to
>and have yet to have those 'russian mafia' people scam me.
>And it is completely legal. Russian copyright legislation allows
>to be performed publicly without the authorization of the copyright
>for broadcasting and cable transmission. (Article 39) The Internet
could be
>deemed to fall under this exemption. The copyrights involved have to be
>to a collecting society.
>Allofmp3 has signed agreements for this with Russian Organization for
>Multimedia & Digital Systems (ROMS). According to license ¹
>the Internet-project, has the right to use musical
>compositions by providing downloads. Under the license agreement
>pays out fees to ROMS for downloaded materials that are subject to the
>Russian Federation Copyright And Related Rights Law.
>ROMS is a member of CISAC ( - the International
>of authors and composers societies. ROMS manages intellectual rights in
>Russian Federation. All third party distributors licensed by ROMS are
>required to pay a portion of the revenue to the ROMS. ROMS in turn, is
>obligated to pay most of that money (aside from small portion it needs
>operating expenses) to artists. Both Russian and foreign.
>So in lamen terms for you simpletons. Allofmp3 has signed an agreement
>the Russian Govt to distribute music for a mere $.01 a MB. It is
>legal and legit. Now, go back to your misinformed lives, and stop
>like experts when you have no damn clue what you are talking about. I
>stand incompetence."
>It's a great read though when they start fighting amongst themselves.

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