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RE: GPS opinions - Tom Tom vs the Navman iCN510

Hi Paul

Do you know if the Navman lost out by a lot in the review or was it close.
Over here and ignoring the cost of the extra European maps the Navman unit
is about 200 quid whereas the Tom Tom is 450 quid. This is a big argument
in favour of the Navman.

Secondly, are the maps for Europe active as standard on the Tom Tom or do
you have to pay extra?



"Paul Gale" <groups@xxxxxxx>
01/02/2005 13:22
Please respond to ukha_d

To:     <ukha_d@xxxxxxx>
cc:     (bcc: Ian Bird/CV/Novartis)
Subject:        RE: [ukha_d] GPS opinions - Tom Tom vs the Navman iCN510

Don't know the Navman but Feb 2005 PCW mag did a mini-roundup. The Navman
ICN510 v3 lost out to the TomTom which got the recommended award.

I'd certainly recommend the TomTom whole heartedly - an excellent bit of
kit :)


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