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Re: LED Lighting

> Have a look at, anyone used these?
> I have been looking at the mirage lights today, they are DMX

Interesting find - I'm currently looking for a solution that will give me
ome nice mood lighting with a choice of colour - this could be the answer.

The web site says that each head contains 171 LEDs - no idea how bright
t will be in relation to normal halogen lighting though.

> Mirage LED light with built in PSU and DMX =A3100
> 450 mm LED tubes =A330
> Tube PSU with DMX interface for up to 4 tubes =A365
> CC2 4 channel wall controller =A340 this looks quite cool.
> I will order some bits tomorrow and report back.

Who are you ordering from? I've found a supplier on the Net, but their
es are considerably more than the ones you quoted above.

> Anyone know if it's possible to use Homevision to output a DMX signal
> interface, this would give access to preset scenes etc.

As Frank says, the DMX512 serial controller from Milfords looks like a

If I am not mistakened, you can only have one master device driving the
network, so you won't be able to use the CC2 controller and HV to control =
the lights at the same time.



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