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Re: Anyone use "My Movies" for XP MCE 2005

  • Subject: Re: Anyone use "My Movies" for XP MCE 2005
  • From: "gigtekmediacomputers" <stuartmc@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 22:46:29 -0000


Great free add-in. Use DVDDecrypter or DVDshrink to copy your DVDs to
your hard drive and then use My Movies to acces them directly from
MCE. You can also use this to catalogue your stand-alone DVDs to use
within the DVD drive.

The recommended use of Daemon tools is somewhat more complicated than
a straight copy of the VOB files to the nard disk so I just use the
method above.

--- In ukha_d@xxxxxxx, "keyvan2r" <keyvan@e...> wrote:
> I just saw this and wondered if any of the Win MCE users here have
> tried it?
> Keyvan

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