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Re: Radio Speakers

  • To: <ukha_d@xxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: Radio Speakers
  • From: "Tim Dawe" <tim.dawe@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 21:49:54 +0100
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I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while, to get
out of my embryonic PC-based HA system.  I was thinking initially of
like a 'welcome home' macro that would announce how many e-mails/voice
were waiting, with the option of playing them back over the remote speakers
biggest problem with using a PC based voicemail system instead of an
machine - having to walk upstairs and turn the monitor on to see if there
any messages.).  The Caller ID is a nice idea, now if our local Cable
would only offer the service . . .

Do you have any thoughts on suppliers of wireless speakers?

I have seen the Ross units that Tandy sell, though they seem rather
for this application (transmitter and 1 speaker is GBP100ish and additional
speakers are GBP80ish, though they can do stereo if you want to stump up
for two
speakers at each location and the range is quoted at 45-100m).  Innovations
do a
transmitter (mono only, not a problem for our purposes) and headphones for
GBP30, with additional speakers at GBP20, which seemed more like it, though
only claim a range of up to 15m, and given the problems I've had with
devices in the past, I am always a little sceptical of the ranges claimed

Anyone know of any other suppliers?
Tim Dawe, Cardiff

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