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Re: SK8000 Home Security System

You reminded me that I promised to write something of my experiences
with the Comfort security system.

The alarm itself works wonderfully, and if you have existing wired alarm
sensors then it's a breeze to install. What's been slowing me up is the
fact that adding additional wiring to my decorated house without causing
too much damage is proving quite slow. However I have now got all bar
two components fitted (unfortunately they're two quite fun components:
the door phone and the light sensor).

To summarise: the alarm works wonderfully although the settings for the
telephone dial out (dials out to tell you of alarm condition,
answerphone message etc) are a bit complex and took my a while to get
setup well. The X10 control is fantastic since appropriate lights now
come on and off depending upon whether we're in or not (subject to the
fact the system doesn't yet know whether it is light or dark). Probably
the acid test is that my wife is actively using the system and thinks it
works well. Of course, she might just be being nice given that she
doesn't have much choice since the lights now have no local control...

I've a free weekend for a change so I'll write a more detailed account
and hopefully get it up on the web next week...


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> Sent:	08 April 1999 21:52
> To:	REB.Barnett@xxxxxxx
> Subject:	[ukha_d] SK8000 Home Security System
> Hi,
>    I'm in the market for a new security system following the death of
> my old one. Since I've already put a toe in the X10 water  - I was
> thinking about the SK8000 system that Laser sell. Does anyone have any
> experience with this system? I'd appreciate any comments anyone might
> have. Thanks
> ================================================
> Eddie McDowell <eddie@xxxxxxx>
> Gourock
> Scotland
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