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Re: Electronic Transformers

On Friday, April 09, 1999 1:00 AM, Richard Malcolm-Smith
[SMTP:rich@xxxxxxx] wrote:
> BTW, some electronic transformers specify a leading phase
> dimmer -
> others laggin phase. I have tried both sorts on my X10
> dimmers and they
> all go flickery when dimmed - anyone had any luck at all
> with electronic
> transformers or will I juat have to go for magnetic ones?
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Hi Richard,

I just noticed in one of my catalogues...
They have various electronic transformers such as
20-60W  & 35-105W
in mentions that they are suitable for Hard Fired Triac
subject to a MINIMUM LOAD of 50W per transformer

Also a few years ago when I was dimming neon and
lighting it suffered from instability at low levels.
By adding a resistive load across the dimmer ( I used a 60W
it completely cured the instability. You also knew when the
had blown as the neon went crazy again :-))

Might be worth a try.


Keith Doxey
Krazy Keith's World of DIY Home Automation

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