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Re: Mains voltage halogens

Timothy Morris wrote:

> In advance of my Wall switch dimmers arriving, I decided to check out
> transformers used for my halogen lighting installation. Unfortunatley
> used electronic non-dimmable transformers. I've just had them replaced
> mains voltage equivalents from Osram. The great news is that the
> are direct replacements for the low voltage fixed, ie not eyeball
> with 50mm bulbs.

Do they fit into the existing brass/chrome/whatever metal ring recessed
into the ceiling or do they replace the ring?

> For info, the bulbs are:
> Sylvania Hi-spot ES50s model GU10.
> 25 degree flood, 1150cd, rated life 2,500 hours.

How many watts and what do they cost?

BTW, some electronic transformers specify a leading phase dimmer -
others laggin phase. I have tried both sorts on my X10 dimmers and they
all go flickery when dimmed - anyone had any luck at all with electronic
transformers or will I juat have to go for magnetic ones?

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