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Re: Instabus and X10 dimming

=A3100 to =A3150 is a lot of money just to control one light! It might =
be very efficient to implement soft start on X10 by keeping the modules
running at lowest dim rather than off, but I think it will take quite a
while before the electricity bill reaches an equivalent amount.=20

I've read a suggestion that EIB has the ability to communicate along
powerlines - do these modules you mention run like this or do they
require a direct connection to the bus itself? I'm sort of assumming
that EIB can be made to run in a similar fashion to X10 - i.e. comms
over existing powerlines eliminating the need to re-wire - or am I =
in this belief (hope!) and the powerline communications is just a =
of connecting buses together... Along similar lines, do consumer =
such as the new Sky digital decoder connect to EIB via the powerline, =
do they require a seperate bus connection too?


> Dimming Actuator cost about =A3100-=A3150. The actuator can be =
> to
> switch on at an initial brightness (10% to 100%). Soft on and soft =
> (period) can be programmed from 4 ms to hours. Time delay can also be
> set for On and Off.
> This actuator can only control 1 set of light. If you like to have
> scene
> setting, you need a number of these and an EIB wall switch (2 - 8 =
> to have upto 8 scene settings).=20
> --=20
> Michael Chau

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