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Re: Automated Home

  • To: ukha_d@xxxxxxx
  • Subject: Re: Automated Home
  • From: Nigel Orr- Underwater Acoustics Group <Nigel.Orr@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 15:00:37 +0100
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The price certainly seems impressive, though of course neither of the
outside links have any easily-found detail of what was actually

It mentions curtains- anyone got a good UK source for curtain-opening
motors or systems?  Even d-i-y ones?  It's always struck me as one of the
"more-bother-than-it's-worth" aspects of HA (maybe because I'm an
electronic rather than mechanical engineer), but it was mentioned
specifically in the beeb article- is there a good, cheap system available?

And, more importantly, will it remember to put the tiebacks up, to ensure
spousal approval ;-)

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