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Re: [KAT5] Off-the-Wall Question...


I guess the convential advice is to not *plan* to do it as it makes
the wiring more complicated and you potentially can run into x-talk
issues. However, if you're left with no other solution then you've got
nothing to lose :-)

There are these nifty little units available:
Which seem to do just what you're after. They appear to come in three
variants: Data/ Data, Voice/ Voice and Data/ Voice but whether these
are just presentation differences (i.e. RJ45 / BT sockets) or there's
a wiring difference I don't know. For =A31.50 incl the vat they've got
to be worth a try :-)

If you find they don't work, what about bridging your ethernet network
over wireless and using the cable for the phone? Or putting in a
(wireless) DECT phone in the basement?

If it were me I would give it a try.

Good luck,


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 4:54 PM, Tom Bishop <tpbishop@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Keith (and others),
> I have a wierd Ethernet/telephony wiring question, and don't know who
> to ask, so thought there might be enough expertise on this mailing
list t=
> get a basic sense of an answer.
> I have a house that was pre-wired for cable, Ethernet (Cat-6), and
> to many of the rooms in the house back to a structured wiring closet
in t=
> attic - so far, so good. But I'm finishing the basement, but for some
> only an Ethernet line was run to the basement, but no telephone line,
> need both wired Ethernet and wired telephone lines in the basement.
> Now, I know that only four of the eight leads in a standard Ethernet
> are actually used (1,2,3,and 6), that is, carry signal, so I was
> wondering if I
> could use the other four wires configured into one or two lead pairs
for =
> or two telephone lines. If it matters, the actual cable run from the
> to
> the basement is about 20 meters.
> From what I've been able to read, the expectation is that the 4 unused
> leads in a standard Ethernet cable are supposed to be grounded, so it
> wouldn't surprise me if I get some cross-talk or loss of signal
> but I wanted to know if anyone on this e-mail alias could either tell
> that
> my risks are low so go ahead, or that I'm a complete idiot and trying
to =
> the two different signal types through one cable is a fool's errand.
> I would even be interested to hear that, since pairs in an Ethernet
> are twisted, if I run the Ethernet signal through two twisted pairs,
and =
> phone signal through one or two of the other two twisted pairs
> (admitting that,
> for the length of the run between the two cabinets, my cabling is
> non-standard), I reduce the chances of cross-talk and/or signal loss.
> I'll also be interested in hearing that I could get away with this if
> I stick to
> 10/100, but all bets are off for 1G.
> Thanks,
> Tom


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