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RE: [KAT5] Component and Audio using KAT5.

  • Subject: RE: [KAT5] Component and Audio using KAT5.
  • From: "John Macnamara" <john_macnamara@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 15:04:12 +0000

Hi Keith,

Thanks, I could not see a sync port on either my screen or dvd play (both
panasonic) so I would think that a unit with 3 channels for Y-Cr-Cb (what
the difference between this and RGB?) and a single audio channel for the
centre line output will be great.

Are these a stock item or do you have to make them specially?

How do I sort out payment?



>From: "Keith Doxey" <kat5users@xxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: kat5-users@xxxxxxx
>To: <kat5-users@xxxxxxx>
>Subject: RE: [KAT5] Component and Audio using KAT5.
>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 14:39:07 -0000
>Hi John
> > I would like to send component video and centre audio over CAT5
to my
> > screen and if it is possible I would also like to send audio for
> > subwoofer.
> >
> > Can this be done?  If so, how long will it take to make the
> > units?
> >
> > I have a set of the Mk2 AV TX/RX, I take it these will not
> > this aim.
> >
>To send component video you need a set of RGB KAT5 units. These have 4
>channels normally used Red, Green,Blue and composite Sync.
>When used for Component Video, only 3 channels are used for Y-Cr-Cb.
>remaining "spare" video channel can be used for carrying
SPDIF digital
>audio, or if the 75ohm termination is switched OFF you can use the
>channel to carry a MONO analogue audio signal.
>As there is only the one spare channel you can send Centre audio OR
>subwoofer but not both. Your existing KAT5 units could be used to carry
>S-video feed to the screen from another source and the audio channels
>for Centre and Sub instead of left and right.  If you were to do that
>the spare channel on the RGB set could be used for composite if

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