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RE: [KAT5] Matrix Switcher

  • Subject: RE: [KAT5] Matrix Switcher
  • From: "Keith Doxey" <kat5users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 00:52:22 +0100

I have a switcher running at home controlling the AV for three rooms
although there are actually 8 zones connected up in total to small monitors
on the workbench.

The main TV isnt connected to the switcher as other members of the house
a bit upset when I change what they are watching !!!

Still ironing out a few little bugs but nearing completion.



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From: Milan Lad [mailto:milanlad@xxxxxxx]
Sent: 19 April 2007 10:55
To: kat5-users@xxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [KAT5] Matrix Switcher

Is this project still going on?  (no offence intended!)



From: kat5-users@xxxxxxx [mailto:kat5-users@xxxxxxx] On
Behalf Of Peter Bull
Sent: 19 April 2007 10:48
To: kat5-users@xxxxxxx
Subject: [KAT5] Matrix Switcher


Any update on the development of the matrix switcher?


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