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Re: [KAT5] USB signal over Cat 5

  • Subject: Re: [KAT5] USB signal over Cat 5
  • From: "radioaddict1" <rob_burch@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 19:46:11 -0000


Thanks for the quick reply!

If anyone knows of a USB-CAT5-USB extender costing around =A330, please=20
let me know.  All I can find so far is at =A360:



> Cant be done over KAT5 I'm afraid. USB is a two way communication=20
at very
> high data rates and there is no easy way to separate the send and=20
> data in order to send it over KAT5's data channels.
> I have successfully used an IR Keyboard/Mouse over KAT5 IR but most=20
seem to
> be Bluetooth or other RF these days.
> There are USB-CAT5-USB extenders available for about =A330 but I
have any
> personal experience of them.
> If you have a spare USB cable and a spare patch cord then you could=20
> them in half and make your own extender cable to test it out.
> I would use the orange pair for the data pair as it has the highest=20
> ratio. I would then use use the blue pair for 0V and the brown pair=20
for +5V.
> You dont give any indication of the distance you want to cover. You=20
wont do
> any physical damage by trying that method but how well it would=20
operate I
> dont know. It depends to a large extent on the speed of the USB. I=20
> imagine that a simple pointing device would be a low speed device=20
so may
> have a much better chance of working.
> Hope that helps
> Keith
> BTW. The charge for support over Christmas Day/Boxing Day is=20
> Unfortunately for me, I dont charge for support so 3 times nothing=20
is still
> free :-)

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