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RE: [KAT5] Power over co-ax

  • Subject: RE: [KAT5] Power over co-ax
  • From: "Hawes,Timothy Edward \(GEG\)" <haweste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 06:56:06 -0000


Has the cable been run already?
If not, maybe one of these types would work for you:

I think the second one looks better, maybe it's just the photo but I
can't see how there is an individual 75ohm cable within the first link.
The red & black cores for power on the second cable look a bit meatier



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eddy Carroll
> Not really a KAT5 question this, but I suspect some of the
> knowledgeable heads on the list may be able to help.
> We're installing a network of security cameras in the
> apartment complex where I live, mostly outdoor units.
> Ideally, we'd like to avoid running separate power drops to
> each camera, and instead supply 12V over the co-ax cabling
> that will carry the video.
> However, the only converters I've found that combine/separate
> 12V + video onto a single feed seem rather expensive - about
> Stg40 per end. Since a normal line-powered masthead amplifier
> is around 1/4 the price, as is a line power injector, I
> figure there must surely be a cheaper solution available to
> separate the 12V back out from the video at the camera end.
> (We have around 10-12 cameras to deploy, and we're on a tight
> budget so an extra Stg80 per camera really ads up.)
> Has anyone else dabbled in this area (powering remote cameras
> off co-ax)?
> If so, did you find a low-cost solution?
> As an aside, d we started off deploying Axis network cameras
> over real CAT5 cable, with power over pins 7/8, and had our
> first arrest about two weeks ago, when a guy was caught
> breaking & entering - the police identified the suspect
> directly off the camera footage. However, for the number of
> cameras we want, network monitoring won't really scale that
> well - each camera likes 10-15 Mb/s bandwidth for constant
> monitoring, and we don't have the network infrastructure to
> scale up to 10+ cameras without killing everything else on LAN.
> Obligatory KAT5 qusestion: Any plans to allow the KAT5 units
> to derive their power from the CAT5 line itself, without
> having to sacrifice one of the cable pairs?
> Eddy

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