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RE: [KAT5] FirM Jr + KAT5 - A marriage made in Croydon :)

  • Subject: RE: [KAT5] FirM Jr + KAT5 - A marriage made in Croydon :)
  • From: "Tony Butler" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 17:34:34 -0000

>Just like to let you all know of an excellent article written by Tony

Thanks :D

>Tony has just upgraded his AV system by adding KAT5 IR upgrades to some
>his many KAT5 units and integrated this with the "FirM Jr" IR
designed and
>built by Frank McAlinden.

Yes.  "ultimately" it was actually quite straightforward, but a
few sillies
by me along the way made it more painful than it ought to have been.
The biggest problem I had was when I tried to test it all - I needed to be
near the FirM Jr/Kat5 node0 end of things AND the zones, so I connected itt
all up in node 0 with short patch leads replacing the patchpanel->RJ45
socket in zone that would be used in a "real" situation. 
Unfortunately, I
had my FirM IR receiver AND a KAT5 IR Receiver connected at the same time,
both receiving signals from my remote, all ina confined space.
Since only one device can transmit on the FirM "bus" at any one
time, this
meant that I was achieving either no control or intermittent control, which
I thought was due to incompatibilities between the two systems.

Once the big lightbulb went on in my head and I'd finished beating myself
for being a fool, I isolated them and it all worked fine from there on in.

SWMBO prefers the neatness of using KAT5 IR since the IR Receiver is
practically invisible, though I did like the feedback the FirM receiver
Oh, and the KAT5 IR leads could do with being about twice their current
length, but these are only very minor niggles.
The combined system has been 100% reliable for about 2 months now,
controlling 8 different devices of different types, from different

Top jobs by both Keith and Frank, and I hope this exchange of kit between
you two will produce some fruitful results!



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