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[KAT5] Re: Newbie overload!

  • Subject: [KAT5] Re: Newbie overload!
  • From: "Keith Doxey" <kat5users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 20:49:27 -0000

Hi Mike,

> Greetings from Arlington, VA USA

Welcome to the KAT5 Users list.

> I'm having a new townhouse built, and for the longest time I have
> been trying to figure out what to do about wiring the place.
> Before I found this group and "discovered" that you can send
> other stuff over Cat5, I ordered a bunch of "2x2" wiring
> room in the house, leading to a central location (my garage).
> The 2x2 bundle consists of 2 coax cables, and 2 cat 5 cables.

I presume you have read most of your HA info on comp.home.automation
where most people keep seeming to insist that CAT5 cable is not
suitable for AV use despite the fact that major US corporations like
Extron and Kramer have invested heavily in CAT5 connectivity.

Out of interest can I ask how you found out about KAT5 please.

> I've been trying to read up and figure out the "best" setup
for my
> place, but I'm drowning in too much information.

Describe what you want to do and we will try and help.

> Do most Kat5 users get away with having just one cat 5 cable?  How
> many of you wish you had an "extra" cat 5 cable and why?

There are "several" people who wish they had installed more CAT5

> P.S.  Any US kat5 users in here?

Not "Users" as far as I know but there are other people
to the group from the US.

There are KAT5 users in the following countries...

New Zealand

Whenever I have quoted for sending an order to the US the
Dollar/Pound exchange rate has always killed the deal. It would be
even worse now with an almost 2:1 rate but this is something that
the UK has been used to for a long time.

We would see something priced as 99 dollars in the states and the
same item at the time was 99 pounds in the UK when a straight
currency conversion should have made it between 65 and 70 pounds.



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