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Re: Phone standards

  • Subject: Re: Phone standards
  • From: steve_parsons2000
  • Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 11:46:00 +0000

> * "Keith Doxey" <keith.doxey@b...>
> > You may be picking up interference because of the way you have
patched it.
> > The phone wiring should be on 4&amp;5 the Blue/White pair and
bell wire on
> > the Orange on Pin2 if you have patched it to the correct standard
> > structured cabling and are using the plug in adaptors.

This is a bit off subject but what is the correct mapping of all the
pins from a BT socket to an RJ45 ? I found something on the web ages
ago which says...

BT 1 (unused) -> RJ45 6
BT 2 (B wire) -> RJ45 4
BT 3 (Bell) -> RJ45 1
BT 4 (Earth) -> RJ45 2
BT 5 (A wire) -> RJ45 5
BT 6 (unused) -> RJ45 3

The bell wire in this schema goes to pin 1 - which is different to
your comment (and thus 99% likely to be wrong).

I actually crimped my phones with RJ45's before I found this - so my
phones conform to no standard known to man or beast. I'd like to redo
them to fit the definitive standard (whatever that is).



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