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[no subject]

I mean we all know that you shouldn't run Cat5 next to
mains cable right.. but if look under my desk now I can
see about 3 foot of cat5 cable connecting my PC to the
LAN and its tangled up with 5 power cords.. and all
working fine !

> Clever huh? Nope. I should have gone for satellite cable
> like CT100, so haven't quite got the ultimate flexibility

Haa harr.. I'm OK on that one.. I HAVE specified CT100.. :)

> Though ask Ken Watt in the main UKHA group all about retro-fitting
> inline modules......

Sorry for asking dumb questions but what is this "main UKHA
is it an email list ?

> The cunning plan with the switcher will be to switch any 8 sources
> into any 1 or more of 8 destinations.

Hey this sounds cool !
Is this planned to be controllable via IR .. how about IP ?

* "Mark Harrison" Writes ..
> The module that you're thinking of is one to carry an SP/DIF signal -
> ie to a remote decoder.

Sorry.. dumb question again.. is this sp/dif signal something different
from a normal audio signal. Would it be possible to transmit the sp/dif
signal over a cat5 cable via a Kat5 box and would that a different
box than the one for 4 channel audio ?

Ideally I'd love to have the house wired such that each room has a speaker
in each corner and each room could (at the flick of a button or the press
of a touch screen) either play from a local source, TV audio (stereo or
, or whole house audio. Problem is cost :)

* "Keith Doxey" writes ;
>Tony and Mark have answered most of the points and its good to have the
> answers given by satisfied customers :-)

Certainly inspires "future" customers :)

> KAT5 can be custom built to ANY mix of Audio and Video in either
> subject to a maximum of 4 circuits in a unit. This is because each
> uses one pair in the CAT4 cable and there are only 4 pairs.

Mmm.. would it not be possible to build a unit that was completely user
configurable then. i.e. it had 4 audio and 2 video encoder/decoder circuit
and the user simply flipped a dip switch or something to configure
which 4 circuits to use ? Sorry if that's obviously a dumb question but
from a "user" perspective it seems very versatile and means I
be "painted into a corner" at some later date...

> Your RF cables should not cause any problems as they a receiving
> rather than transmitting them so the signal levels are only
> despite my best efforts at introducing interference to KAT5 I have
> miserably :-)

So I should be OK to run RF cable under the floorboards back to Node0 in
same conduit as my Cat5 ?

What about speaker cable.. I assume this is similar to mains.. i.e. keep
from cat5 ?

> So much so that I did a demonstration to Mark McCall where I
> connected the output of a CD player to the CAT5 cable to cause

Impressive ! Is this resilience a product of your Kat5's or the cat5
standard ?

* "Keith Doxey" <<a
> You may be picking up interference because of the way you have patched
> The phone wiring should be on 4&amp;5 the Blue/White pair and the
bell wire on
> the Orange on Pin2 if you have patched it to the correct standard for
> structured cabling and are using the plug in adaptors.

OK, that brings up the question of what is the "correct" standard
structured cabling ? I was thinking about punching my patch panels
to 586B standard (since that's what our engineer at work said we use
here).. how does this effect anything. Presumable how ever I punch
it down at the patch panel (586B) should be mirrored at the RJ45 Socket
end i.e. straight through connections.

Thanks for all the help guys :)


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