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RE: Advice on sending video and audio around my house ... ?

  • Subject: RE: Advice on sending video and audio around my house ... ?
  • From: Marcus Warrington
  • Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 12:30:00 +0000

Wow.. thanks for all the replies :)

I'm receiving this email list in digest mode so I've only just read
all the advice and discussion generated.

* "tefxp" writes ;
>Seems you got the short end of the stick then :)

Yeah.. but its not too bad because all the cable runs are planned and
conduit has already been plastered "into" the walls to allow
from the attic rooms to Node0 etc. All in all it "should" be
straight forward... I hope :)

> Why bother keeping RF at all if you're looking at KAT5 - or is it a
> case of keeping your options open?

Well basically its down to cost !

The house has a total of 14 rooms that "could" have a TV in them
(not including the bathroom/showerroom). The RF cable allows me
to have a TV in any room that can receive any (terrestrial) channel
it wants. The Kat5 will be used for more "important" stuff like
sending DVD or DigitalTV from Node0 to the "AV Channel" of the
main TV's (i.e. Living room / Master bedroom / Study). The kids
rooms would still be fed via RF and I'm thinking of maybe sending
the DigitalTV stuff through and old VCR to modulate it onto a
"spare" channel as well... I doubt that they would even notice
the difference in quality :)

> Personally, I put double RF sockets in all the rooms

As I said this "was" my original intention but after some
hard decision making I decided that I probably wouldn't
have VCR's etc in each room that needed piping down to
Node0 for distribution, rather I'd have all the equipment
housed in Node0 itself and pipe it around the house.
At worse case I will physically still have 2 RF's per
room, its just that they are physically in opposite
corners of the room...

> at least a foot from the CAT 5 sockets.

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