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RE: Converting KAT5 AVS-RX to KAT5 AVS-RXU

  • Subject: RE: Converting KAT5 AVS-RX to KAT5 AVS-RXU
  • From: Keith Doxey
  • Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 12:27:00 +0000


The RXU only differs from an RX by the ommision of 4 resistors.

To use an RXU you need to either hardwire two CAT5 cables onto an RJ45
outlet or use an RJ45 doubler. There physically isnt the space to mount a
second RJ45 on the KAT5 itself and without cutting a chunk out of the case,
a double wont fit the socket on the KAT5.

The way to use the doubler is to place it in one half of a double faceplate
and run one lead to the other socket, one lead to the KAT5

The attached image shows the resistors to remove.

Hope that helps


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From: graham_howe [mailto:<a
Sent: 15 May 2002 11:42
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Subject: [KAT5] Converting KAT5 AVS-RX to KAT5 AVS-RXU

Is this possible for someone who last year progressed from zero
knowledge to finally working out which end of a soldering iron to use
(hint for those still on the learning curve: hold the cold end!). I
was also wondering if it would be possible (with a little case
manipulation) to mount a double adapter or recond RJ45 in the unit at
the same time.


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