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Re: Advice on sending video and audio around my house ... ?

  • Subject: Re: Advice on sending video and audio around my house ... ?
  • From: tefxp
  • Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 22:22:00 +0000

--- In kat5-users@y..., "Keith Doxey" <keith.doxey@b...>
> Tony and Mark have answered most of the points and its good to
have the
> answers given by satisfied customers :-)

Unfortunately, being a satisfied customer &amp; telling potential
customers about it may lead to more KAT5 orders for you, which means
more time building current designs and less time designing the new
systems :{
As discussed @ the meet, you just can't find any decent assembly
elves these days to take the day-to-day KAT5 stuff away @{

> Your RF cables should not cause any problems as they a receiving
> rather than transmitting them so the signal levels are only
microvolts. Also

What if he wants to use them as plain old PC network runs? Fast
ethernet isn't balanced AFAII? Or will the error correction/packet
resending stuff in tcp/ip be enough to counteract interference
without too detrimental effect on throughput?

> have time to set it up.... just as well really because nobody
brought any
> speakers to plug into Tony's amplifier :-(

<GROAN> out loud - my finest hour a washout :-[

> Current development schedule is....
> 1. Adding IR functionallity to KAT5 and making the upgrades
> 2. Releasing the long overdue KAT5 switcher
> 3. Releasing the VGA units
> 4. Developing Digital Audio units which will then give AC3 etc.

and 5. Interfacing to Linn Knekt? :)

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