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RE: Re: RGB over KAT5

  • Subject: RE: Re: RGB over KAT5
  • From: Keith Doxey
  • Date: Wed, 01 May 2002 12:36:00 +0000

Yes but there is a possibility of Ground Loops and depending ont he quality
of the coax, interference to the signal.

Once a ground loop exists it can manifest itself in several ways.

1. a permanent hum on the audio irrespective of volume setting
2. a background hum on all audio
3. a static dark band on the picture
4. a moving band travelling slowly up or down the picture
5. strange noises like high pitched whines on the audio.

KAT5 gives good performance by eliminating ground loops. Any cable that
effectively joins the grounds of each end of the circuit together can
the benefits offered by KAT5. That is also why KAT5 uses independant power
supplies at each end.


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Subject: [KAT5] Re: RGB over KAT5

Hi guys,

I've just thought of one more question.

Is it possible to take the composite signal from a video out socket
send it over coax cable to be retrieved the other end ?

I'm curious as I'm not sure whether it acts more like a line level
signal (because of the socket) or like an R/F feed.



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